ProAcknowledge is an optional verification tool that’s compatible with every ProTight or ProTrac station. This tool is very useful and easy to install.

ProAcknowledge is mainly used at Poka Yoke, , Pick-by-Light and Put-To-Light applications of complex assembly processes. ProAcknowledge is a big help to prevent assembly errors. Before the operator can continue in the assembly process, he has to approve the action that he’s made by pressing the Acknowledge button, the ProAcknowledge tool can have 1 to 4 buttons. This way, the operator has more overview over the whole process and reduces  the error rate in the assembly process.

It's possible to connect ProAcknowledge with the ProSuite Manager software via USB. Via this simple installation you can use the tool immediately at every complex assembly process.





    Atlas Copco is a Swedish industrial company which manufactures industrial tools and equipment. For the air compressors (of which Altas Copco is the world's leading producer), they chose ProSuite to make their assembly process more efficient


    Audi, a German automobile manufacturer that designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes automobiles, choses ProSuite to make their assembly process more efficient.



    Nissan, one of the worlds biggest car manufacturers, choses ProSuite to make their assembly process more efficient.
  • CNH New Holland Agriculture      
    CNH Global N.V. is a Dutch and American manufacturer of agricultural and construction equipment. CNH's scope included integrated engineering, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of equipment on five continents. They chose ProSuite to make their assembly process more efficient.